Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBSC)



Main functions


To note, examine and approve proposals involving r-DNA work; to ensure adherence of r-DNA Safety Guidelines- 1990 of Government; inspection of containment facilities at R&D and production units and to inform the RCGM about the facilities;


To prepare emergency plan according to guidelines;


To approve experiments utilizing the organisms and genetic elements from Risk Group-I and II organisms up to laboratory fermentation 20 ltrs capacity with intimation to RCGM; for using organisms falling in Risk Group III & above, recommend to RCGM for approval to conduct laboratory studies; 


To  recommend for import/ exchange of GMOs/LMOs/Transgenic seeds, vectors, gene constructs, plasmids, etc., for research purposes;


To inform DLC and SBCC as well as GEAC about the experiments where ever needed; to act as a nodal point for interaction with statutory bodies; to ensure experimentation at designated location taking into account of approved protocols etc.


To examine the description of the target gene and source; nucleotide sequence  and amino acid sequence of target gene and  the target protein; the composition of  the vector used; schematic diagram of the expression cassette; restriction map of vector indicating the location of the target gene; cloning strategy;  description of the host cell line including genera and species; risks involved  in handling of cell line; methods of maintenance of cell line; classification of  the host cell line as per the guidelines;


To approve category I & II experiments, as per the Guidelines 1998 of DBT, up to green house level with intimation to RCGM in category III & above experiments, RCGM to approve conduct lab & green house studies. To recommend all open field experiments in any of the category, for any purpose (biosafety studies, seed increase experiments, agronomic studies, etc) for the approval of RCGM.


To examine protocols for toxicity/allergenicity studies as per national and international guidelines and their recommendations to RCGM